Understanding Shifa Qurban: A Comprehensive Guide


Qurban, a significant act of worship in the Islamic faith, holds various forms, each serving a unique purpose. Among these, Shifa Qurban is a special type of sacrifice, performed with the intention of seeking health and recovery. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the significance, purpose, and process of Shifa Qurban, aiming to provide a thorough understanding of this practice.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Qurban
  3. Defining Shifa Qurban
  4. Purpose of Shifa Qurban
  5. Performing Shifa Qurban
  6. Timing of Shifa Qurban
  7. Intention for Shifa Qurban
  8. Consumption of Shifa Qurban
  9. 61-Piece Shifa Qurban
  10. Shifa Qurban Through Proxy
  11. Other Types of Qurban
  12. Conclusion


Qurban or sacrifice is a significant ritual in Islam, serving as an act of worship and a means to draw closer to Allah. Among the various types of Qurban, Shifa Qurban holds a special place, being performed with the intention of seeking health and recovery for oneself or loved ones. This comprehensive guide aims to explore Shifa Qurban in depth, discussing its significance, purpose, and process.

Understanding Qurban

Qurban, derived from the Arabic word ‘Qurb’, means proximity or closeness. In Islam, it refers to the ritual of animal sacrifice performed to gain proximity to Allah. The act of Qurban serves as an expression of gratitude towards Allah and a means of assisting the less fortunate, as the meat of the sacrificed animal is distributed among the needy.

Defining Shifa Qurban

Shifa Qurban is a special type of Qurban, performed with the intention of seeking recovery from illnesses and health issues. This ritual of sacrifice is made with prayers and intentions, conveying health-related wishes to Allah, providing spiritual support to patients and those with health issues.

Purpose of Shifa Qurban

The act of performing Shifa Qurban serves multiple purposes:

Wishing for Recovery

Shifa Qurban is primarily performed with the intent of seeking recovery from illnesses and health issues. It is a way for individuals or families to express their health-related wishes to Allah.

Spiritual Support

Shifa Qurban aims to provide spiritual support to those battling health issues. The prayers and intentions made during the sacrifice can bolster the morale and motivation of patients, instilling hope in them.

Requesting Protection

Shifa Qurban can also be performed to seek protection against potential health problems. It serves as a spiritual safeguard, expressing hope for Allah’s mercy and protection.

Worship and Closeness

Shifa Qurban is a form of worship that facilitates closeness to Allah. By performing this act of worship, individuals demonstrate their dedication and faith in Allah.

Social Solidarity

Shifa Qurban also strengthens community solidarity and mutual assistance. The meat from the sacrifice is shared among the needy, fostering a spirit of unity and love within the community.

Performing Shifa Qurban

The process of performing Shifa Qurban does not differ significantly from other forms of Qurban. A healthy animal suitable for sacrifice is selected, and the slaughter is performed in accordance with Islamic principles. The individual performing the sacrifice recites the Basmala, expressing their intention to Allah before slaughtering the animal. The meat is then distributed among the poor, reinforcing the spirit of community solidarity.

Timing of Shifa Qurban

Shifa Qurban can be performed at any time, with no specific dates or time limits. What matters most is that the sacrifice is performed with the correct intention and in accordance with Islamic principles.

Intention for Shifa Qurban

The intention for Shifa Qurban is made with sincerity and the aim of pleasing Allah. The content of the intention is to seek recovery for the individuals for whom the sacrifice is being made. The Basmala is recited during the sacrifice, and the slaughter is performed with the intention of Shifa.

Consumption of Shifa Qurban

The meat of Shifa Qurban is primarily distributed among those in need, including the poor and the needy. Family members, neighbors, close friends, and other community members can also partake in the meat of the Shifa Qurban.

Shifa Qurban Through Proxy

Shifa Qurban can be performed through proxy, where one person authorizes another to perform the sacrifice on their behalf. This practice is performed following Islamic rules and principles, with the necessary prayers and intentions made.

Other Types of Qurban

Besides Shifa Qurban, there are various other types of Qurban, including Wajib Qurbani, Nafl Qurbani, Avowed (Nazar) Qurbani, and Aqeeqah (Aqiqah), each serving a unique purpose and intention.


Shifa Qurban is a significant ritual in Islam, performed with the intention of seeking recovery from health issues and providing spiritual support to those suffering. This act of worship not only strengthens individuals’ faith and dedication to Allah but also reinforces community solidarity. As we delve into the understanding and practice of Shifa Qurban, we realize the profound spiritual and communal significance embedded in this ritual.