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Shifa Qurban is a special type of qurban performed for individuals struggling with health issues. It can be sacrificed by the patient or his/her loved ones. Below, you can find some reasons explaining the purpose of performing a Shifa Qurban;

Wishing for Recovery:  The person or family that perform Shifa Qurban can aim to convey their health-related wishes to Allah Swt and seek healing by performing this act of worship.

Spiritual Support:  Shifa Qurban also aims to provide spiritual support to patients and their loved ones. Doas and intentions made during the sacrifice enhance the morale and motivation of patients and give them hope.

Requesting Protection: Shifa Qurban is also performed for the purpose of protection of the health from diseases. Muslims can perform this act to safeguard themselves from potential health problems in the future.

Worship and Closeness: Shifa Qurban is a form of worship that aims to enhance one’s closeness to Allah (Swt). By performing this act of worship, a person demonstrates their dedication and faith in Allah (Swt).

Social Solidarity: Performing shifa sacrifice reinforces the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance within the community. The meat of the sacrifice is distributed to the needy for sharing, allowing those in need to benefit from this blessing.