Frequently Asked Questions


What is Qurban/Kurban/Korban/Udhiyyah?

Qurban, also known as Udhiyah, is the sacrifice of one of the five animals (sheep, goat, cattle, camel and buffalo) during the 10th, 11th, 12th days of Dhul-Hijjah in order to fulfil an act of ibadah and closeness to Allah (s.w.t)

What is Eidul Adha?

Eidul Adha is a commemoration of the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail, as an act of submission to Allah (s.w.t)’s command. The Eidul Adha is carried out on the 10th, 11th, or 12th day of the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah.

What are the rulings (Hukum) related to Qurban?

Qurban is a Sunnah Muak’ka’dah meaning that our Prophet (s.a.w) performed all the time and strongly encouraged His ummah to do so. In one hadith, narrated in Ibn Majah, Rasulullah (s.a.w) says, “Whoever has the capacity to offer an Udhiyyah (Qurban) but does not do so, should not approach the place where the Eid Salah is performed.”

Qurban can be a goat, sheep, cow or camel and it must meet specific age and health requirements.

What are the requirements for the animal to be suitable for Qurban?

The age requirement of the sacrificial animals is; at least one year for the sheep and goats, two years for the cattle and buffaloes, and five years for the camels. If a lamb is big enough looking like one-year old sheep in size can be slaughtered.

Sheep or goat cannot be sacrificed by more than one person. Cow or camel can be shared by up to seven people.

Do I have to perform sheep or goat for one person?

You can sacrifice sheep or goat. Also, you can prefer cow share for one person, as we will arrange one cow for seven shares.

Who should perform the Qurban ibadah?

Sheep or goats cannot be sacrificed by more than one person. A cow or camel can be separated by up to seven people. This number of animals will affect the fact that you will have a discount on the purchase of Cialis 5mg, which will help to get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Every free, muqim (resident) Muslims who are in possession of the Nisab amount of wealth, are recommended to offer sacrifice for themselves and on behalf of their younger children.

Can I have intention for Qurban for someone else?

Yes, you can have niyyah (intention) on behalf of someone else for the Qurban. Also, you can intend for your past ones as the Qurban will be a sadaqah for them.

Can I have intention for other purposes like nazar or aqiqah rather than Sunnah Qurban during Eidul Adha?

Yes, you can have any intentions during Eidul Adha for the Qurban. However, your Qurban duty is not completed with those intentions. So, for example, if you want to have Aqiqah  for your kid, you should sacrifice your Qurban and Aqiqah separately.

How will my Qurban be sacrificed or slaughtered?

Your Qurban will be sacrificed perfectly in line with Islamic manners and rules by the professionals.

The animal will be faced towards Qiblah, the dua (Inni Wajjahtu…) and the takbeer will be read and the way of sacrifice (cutting four parts) will be followed.

Where will my Qurban be sacrificed?

Your Qurban will be sacrificed in slaughterhouses, villages and madrasahs at the country you have picked.

On which days my Qurban will be slaughtered?

Our partners slaughter the Qurban on the first day mostly. Sometimes because of the calendar differences it can be the second day. So, all the Qurbans registered before Eidul Adha time will be slaughtered at the end of the second day at last.

What will I receive as proof after Qurban?

All of the Qurban Donors are certified. So, you will receive a hard copy certificate for your Qurban within 5 days after your Qurban is performed. Depending on the type of Qurban and the country you choose, you will get the video through WhatsApp right after Qurban is performed or you will get photo for your Qurban before slaughter.

What will happen to the meat of my Qurban?

The meat of your Qurban will be distributed to the poor and needy villagers and mostly to tahfiz madrasahs in the country you have picked.

Can I get my Qurban meat? Will the meat be delivered to me?

According to AVA rules, we cannot import Qurban meat to Singapore from our partnered countries.


What is Aqiqah?

The Qurban offered for a newborn baby as a gratitude to Allah (s.w.t) is called Aqiqah.

What are the rulings (hukum) for Aqiqah?

It is a Sunnah act of Rasulullah (s.a.w).

After the birth, on the seventh day, the child’s hair is trimmed. Sadaqah is given according to the weight of child’s hair and then a sacrifice is offered.

Any animal that are suitable for Qurban can also be used as Aqiqah.

When should I perform the Aqiqah?

It can be performed any time after the birth of the child but more favorable on the seventh day.

Can I register my Aqiqah earlier with a timing request or scheduled day?

Yes, if you notify us we can perform your Aqiqah on the scheduled day for you. Usually, we perform within 24 hours.

If I missed the Sunnah (recommended) date, can I still perform the Aqiqah?

Yes, you can still perform Aqiqah even if you missed the seventh or twenty first day after birth. Even adults can have Aqiqah on their behalf, if their parents have not performed for them.

How many Qurban is needed for Aqiqah?

It is recommended to slaughter one share for girls and two shares for boys.

Where will my Aqiqah be slaughtered?

Your Aqiqah will be slaughtered in locations that you have chosen from the website.

Will I get my meat after Aqiqah? Will the meat be delivered to me?

According to AVA rules, we cannot import Qurban meat to Singapore from our partnered countries.

What will I receive as a proof of slaughtering?

You will get the video of your Aqiqah within 24 hours while it is being slaughtered through WhatsApp.


What is Nazar/Nadhr?

In Islam, a “nazar” refers to a vow or a promise made to Allah (s.w.t) in return for a favor or blessing granted by Him. Nazar is often fulfilled by offering a Qurban.

What is Qurban of Nazar?

Qurban for Nazar is a sacrifice that is offered in fulfillment of a vow or promise made to Allah.

What are the rulings (hukum) for Qurban of Nazar?

The vow or promise can be conditional or not. If the vow is conditional, the person obliges himself to sacrifice a Qurban if the condition happens. If it is unconditional person should sacrifice a Qurban at any time.

Is there any specific time for this Qurban?

There is no specific time to sacrifice this Qurban. Once the person possesses the sufficient amount of financial wellbeing, it is recommended to perform this Qurban.


What is Qurban for Sedekah?

Qurban can also be performed as an act of charity or “Sadaqah.” This involves slaughtering an animal and distributing the meat among the poor and needy without any intention of fulfilling an obligatory religious duty.

Can I have intention for someone else?

The intention for the Qurban can be for health, relief from a trouble, barakah and celebration of any good news. Also, you can intend on behalf of someone else even for your past ones.