Since 2002, we have been serving Singapore muslim community for Qurban / Aqiqah services


Since 2002, we have been serving Singapore muslim community for Qurban / Aqiqah services

Why Singapore Qurban?

Your trusted name for Qurban/ Aqiqah

For years, we have been conducting Eid-ul Adha Qurbani and Aqiqah services in Singapore. With a growing satisfaction and continuous interest, we have been serving our Singapore muslim brothers and sisters in very fast way and bring convenience to them in conducting their islamic deeds.

We are 24/7 available throughout the year

Our good service quality and 365 days availibility throughout the year for Aqiqah / Qurban needs, makes Singapore muslims felt convenient whenever they need to perform Aqiqah / Qurban ibadah.

International qurban service network

We, as a Quran teaching center in Singapore (I-Read Quran Centre), have closely bonded network of international organizations where we conduct, collaborate and monitor the Qurban / Aqiqah services. In certain occasions we also arrange overseas visit for those who would like to donate Qurban but at the same time practise the slaughtering ritual by himself. Our aim is to provide opportunity for hands on practise the Qurban ibadah for the local muslim community as much as possible.

Within SEA region, we organize Qurban services via following organizations:

  • United Islamic Cultural Centre of Indonesia(UICCI) in Indonesia.
  • Islamic Education Welfare Association of Cambodia (IEWAC) in Cambodia.
  • United Islamic Cultural Centre of the Philippines (UNICEP) in the Philippines.
  • Smart Foundation of Bangladesh
  • International Fraternity Association (IFA) Turkey
  • Universal Islamic and Cultural Trust (Africa)
  • Sulaimaniyah Hafiz Quran Centre (Thailand)
  • Hamidiye Foundation (Pakistan)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Qurban/Kurban/Korban/Udhiyyah?

Qurban, also known as Udhiyah, is the sacrifice of one of the five animals (sheep, goat, cattle, camel and buffalo) during the 10th, 11th, 12th days of Dhul-Hijjah in order to fulfil an act of ibadah and closeness to Allah (s.w.t).

2. What is Aqiqah?

The Qurban offered for a newborn baby as a gratitude to Allah (s.w.t) is called Aqiqah.

3. What is Qurban of Nazar?

Qurban for Nazar is a sacrifice that is offered in fulfillment of a vow or promise made to Allah.

4. What is Qurban for Sedekah?

Qurban can also be performed as an act of charity or “Sadaqah.” This involves slaughtering an animal and distributing the meat among the poor and needy without any intention of fulfilling an obligatory religious duty.

5. Who should perform the Qurban ibadah?

Every free, muqim (resident) Muslims who are in possession of the Nisab amount of wealth, are recommended to offer sacrifice for themselves and on behalf of their younger children.

6. Can I have intention for Qurban for someone else?

Yes, you can have niyyah (intention) on behalf of someone else for the Qurban. Also, you can intend for your past ones as the Qurban will be a sadaqah for them.

7. What will I receive as proof after Qurban?

All of the Qurban Donors are certified. So, you will receive a soft copy certificate for your Qurban within 5 days after your Qurban is performed. Depending on the type of Qurban and the country you choose, you will get the video/photo through Whatsapp right after Qurban is performed.

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